Spinach emails

I am officially beyond enthralled and fascinated. This is a dream come true. I can only begin to imagine that it is just as much of a revelation for spinach as it is for me. If spinach were to dream and this is not as unlikely as it sounds considering it is now on the brink of sending emails, I am pretty sure that spinach all over the world has been having hot dreams of sending emails.

The vegetable patch buzz must be off the scale.  Imagine how the carrots feel? More than a little subdued, I am sure. Although they do get a bit more action than most other veg, in that they are used on snowmen and are adored by bunny rabbits.

I believe spinach will be able to clarify in an email if it requires better nutrition in its soil or more light or more hydration. Perhaps it may relay its chagrin at being used in smoothies and on poached eggs.  It may refuse to grow if we fail to meet its demands.

Of all the things that scientists can be researching I am perhaps a little surprised at this. Maybe a full-scale investigation into what happened in Wuhan could have been commenced a year ago, even virtually?

Maybe not, it seems. What can we expect next I wonder?  Parrots using mobile phones to converse with aliens, who knows?

That’s all for now

Stay fab