So Graham Norton

Graham is the King of cool by disarming everyone with his Irish charm and wit. I just adore him

I can remember when he first began the show. It was called ‘So Graham Norton’ and was first aired in 1998 by the BBC. He would often spend time in the audience asking various unsuspecting guests to relay funny stories.     More often than not they were quite ribald and blue. Just what I enjoy.

There is one in particular that I remember about a drunken man waking up in a field with a cream-colored shaggy dog. I cannot relay the rest of the details for fear of upsetting sensible souls. So, I shall leave the rest to your imagination.

Here are the best bits, excluding this story but it’s hilarious. Two hours of a giggleathon with Dustin Hoffman, Dolph Lundgren and Kate Beckinsale amongst the many amazing stars.


OK, just a hint then? The man awoke in the field and looked down to see blonde hair around his nether regions. He was enjoying a particular sensation believing that this was a lady he had successfully had a liaison with the night before. However, following a few minutes of coming to from all the alcohol, he realized that it was in fact a dog and not a woman.


That’s all for now

Stay fab