Cookie Monster precious stone




You may have detected from my tone yesterday re spinach being able to send emails that I was not all that enamored with the fact. I ruminated, cogitated and vegetated over the revelation but unfortunately, I have still drawn the same conclusion as before.  But I have to say that as far as weird and pointless news goes (and I must say I am full of it) this has completely and utterly made my day.

I am a huge Muppet fan and have referenced than more than a few times in my blogs over the last many months. From ‘Animal’ to ‘Kermit’ to ‘Grover ‘in the ‘Near, far’ video.   I am also a mega fan of gemstones. And have collected a great variety over the years. When I came across this today, I almost squealed with pure glee.  OK, I admit, it was a slow and very cold day. The Muppets, specifically the cookie monster in a gemstone?  Who could ever have thunk it?

If someone had tried to carve a gemstone into the image of the cookie monster they may well have failed.  Leave it up to nature to make a perfect example.  I am off to have a few cookies to celebrate this wonderful discovery.


That’s all for now

Stay fab