Tara Tree excerpt -Carved to imperfecktion

I would like to share over the next few weeks some excerpts from my debut Romcom Novel, Tara Tree, which is awaiting publication. I hope you enjoy them.

Today’s note on my calendar is, ‘I am carved to imperfecktion.’ I love how my favourite Irish word, ‘feck,’ is silently woven into the word ‘imperfecked’. My calendar is homemade as I was bored with generic daily affirmations and felt the need to celebrate and record my spiritual journey with quotes that resonate with me. Three hundred and sixty- five of them on A7 cards. Some are tongue in cheek, such as, on St. Patrick’s Day – ‘Seek your cock of gold’, ‘FIIF – Feck it, it’s Friday’,’ Seaze the day’- for my love of the sea or my favourite one ‘The sea is my frequensea’ which I got embroidered onto my swim robe. Others are more philosophical such as ‘Love yourself today and spend your spiritual currency wisely’. Embracing positivity and being nice is my daily goal; however, it can be exhausting.

Looking at the clock, it reads 7.17 am. I am reminded of the short story competition I want to enter to get some interest from publishers for my book. It has been finished for some time now, and I keep putting off submitting it to agents and publishers. Procrastination and imposter syndrome envelop me whenever I feel the urge to put it out there.


All the best

Stay fab