Tara Tree excerpt – Seven hippies

Here is my second excerpt from my debut Romcom novel- Tara Tree, for your perusal.

My short story will be called the 7:77 am Club and will relay the story of seven hippies who gather together at 7.17 am each morning for seven days to chant each other’s mantras for manifesting their ideal lives. Using the power of the number seven, I aim to transport the group to a place where their dreams can come true. Six of the group will chant the affirmation mantra for the seventh person and do this in a circle until everyone is complete. Three hippies will clash with the group due to their covert narcissistic nature, and sparks will fly. My theory is that when more people visualize and chant each other’s mantras, they increase their power of actualization.

After a few hours of writing, I get frustrated with the story arc and do what I swore I would never do today; I watch some TikTok on my phone to cheer myself up. My flu is getting worse, and I figure that I deserve a break from the norm. A Panda chewing on a giant carrot would cheer me up if only I could find it in the hundreds I have saved. Instead of cheering myself up, I get annoyed. Seeing TikTokkers pointing up to their video’s north, south, and west corners and telling me how and what to eat drives me wild. Self-righteous patronizing gobshites, every last one of them.

All the best

Stay fab