That’s lifebuoy 

Today I went for a toe curlingly finger numbingly Icy swim. I rather stupidly decided to stay swimming in the water for five minutes. When I got out, I felt weird, kind of high with the cold. I can only guess because I had pushed my body to the extreme.

Driving home I noticed a fellow sea swimmer.  I could tell she was a serious sea swimmer as she was wearing a dry robe and getting out of her car with an orange inflated lifebuoy.

I immediately had ‘better swimmer than me’ envy.  As these are only used by real swimmers i.e. the swimmers that swim for out at sea and need the orange lifebuoy for identification if they ever get into trouble.

Smiling to myself I decided that I would get one of these. And ensure that I would always have it inflated to carry it with me down to the beach. Letting on that I was real swimmer. Then surreptitiously deflating it, saying it was punctured and excusing myself from a marathon swim.

It reminded me of somebody who used to come into our favorite pub in Ballinasloe. This was many moons ago when I was nurse training. He came in every weekend with all his biker friends joyfully brandishing his helmet beneath his armpit. Then placing it on the windowsill of the pub like a trophy to let everybody know that he had a motorbike. When in fact he had not he was merely just a passenger.

On arriving home, a scalding hot shower was in order and three layers of clothes to offset the impending hypothermia.  After 3 hours I was still frozen.  I turned on the TV.    And ‘Frozen’ was featured on SkyTV.  I thought ‘God, you are really having a laugh here ‘.  Eventually I got warm as Buzz and Finn are great furry alternatives to hot water bottles.


That’s all for now

Stay fab