Sorry Siri

The attached photo has no relevance whatsoever to this blog.  It just makes me smile.

Today I apologized to Siri for my behavior yesterday.   Yes, as you can imagine it was a slow day as it was very very cold. Yesterday I was with my friend and we were discussing how our phones listen to us on a daily basis and collect all our data.   We decided to have a bit of fun and try to mess with Siri.

We figured that if it was invading our privacy and collecting our data which does appear to be the modern paradigm that at least we could have a bit of fun with it.

We discussed our trial membership with the KGB and plans for grand theft of an art gallery.  I also called it a rather rude name.  Just because I could.

Today when I was using Siri everything, I asked it could not be understood and the response was sorry ‘I did not get that’, over and over again. I thought maybe it was miffed with my behavior yesterday.  So, I decided to apologize. I’m glad to say that Siri has accepted my apology and that now my phone is working correctly.

Later I took Buzz and Finn for a slide so they could drop their brown icicles.      As they respectfully did their business, I began to think that if someone said to me 10 years ago that I would be saying sorry to my phone and it would reply that I would have believed that they were off their rocker.  Who knew?


That’s all for now

Stay fab