The Office Parkour

The Office Parkour

This video cracks me up.  Parkour was featured in a Bond film as it became a worldwide phenomenon in 2004. Steve Carell and the writers did such a great job with this parody. The object is to get from A to B in a creative fashion. Such as tumbling, jumping, and or swinging.

I have tried the tumbling in my living room but Buzz and Finn went mental. Which is fair enough I suppose if I had to witness myself tumbling about with the grace of Nelly the Elephant, I would have gone a bit nuts too.

Dogs have their own version of parkour. It is the zoomies. This is when they race from one end of a room to another in a manic fashion to expend energy and excitement. A bit like how I was in my heyday dancing my ass off in Discos.

They can also spin and tumble if the notion takes them. Buzz performs his zoomies following a bath. As he doesn’t particularly like them and I guess he is just shaking himself dry and to try to forget the experience. Here is a compilation clip of a zoomies.

I am off to tumble from my chair into the kitchen. Why? Just because I can. I might throw in a few sneaky yoga poses to mix things up a bit. I’m all about livin on the edge.

Here is some lovely Panda Parkour to make you smile.

Panda Parkour

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