The Yacht Part 1(of 2)

As I drove around the corner The Grand Hotel in Malahide and the sea greeted me. My heart lifted. Witnessing the sea in all its glory never failed to fill me with awe. I made a mental note to stop on the way back to photograph the large yacht.

It had run aground in front of the Russian homeless tent commune overlooking the beach following the three storms that we had in one week. The yacht was awesome, bent over on its side on a sand bank. I daydreamed about sailing away in it.

I then began to imagine that maybe one of the Russians had manifested it running aground. It was moored directly opposite where they lived no less than 100 yards away. I am sure that they spent many hours every day gazing at it. It appeared nobody owned it as it was in dire need of repair.

I knew that the commune of tents was Russian as I heard them talking one day whilst I walked past with my two dogs Buzz and Finn. The word ‘Spasibo’ was spoken which is Russian for‘ Thankyou’.I had learnt this word (and a few others) whilst on a three-month contract in Kazakhstan as an Accreditation Healthcare Consultant in 2013.

Which incidentally was probably one of my favorite places to work. They were Muslim people and the kindest and most caring that I had ever met. They also had a great sense of humor. I will write another blog on my experiences.

All the best
Stay fab