Little Britain – Fat fighters (Marjorie)

I started a diet a few months ago and the results have been less than satisfactory. Whenever I start one all I can hear is Marjory from Little Britain screaming ‘I love a bit of cake’. And then unfortunately I become obsessed with having a bit of cake.

Little Britain – Fat fighters ‘Cake’ .

Or the prospect of having to eat dust also comes to mind.

Little Britain-Fat fighters ‘Dust’

This type of comedy is no longer deemed correct as it is seen as being too offensive to fat people.

Little Britain – Fat fighters (Marjory)

‘Hey fatty bum bum’.  I used to sing this as a child and thought that it was hilarious.  At the time it just seemed like a funny rhyme.

Little Britain is now part of the cancel culture. I don’t truly understand this thinking as I see my favorite types of comedy as being offensive. It is a breath of fresh air when a comedian says something out loud that I may have been thinking but have been too afraid to voice.

I have been at a comedy club in Dublin and been insulted.  But I just laughed wholeheartedly. Taking life seriously is a full-time job and when I am at a comedy club, I seek a break from the societal conventions of always saying and doing the right thing.

Little Britain – Fat fighters (Marjory) and Meera ‘Curry’.

This clip can be seen as quite racist but I just see it as one person not understanding the accent of another. As an Irish person we have so many different dialects and we frequently get tourists trying to imitate the Irish accent.  None of us take offence as we just see it as light hearted banter.  Am I wrong?  Let me know what you think. I ‘m off to have some dust.

All the best

Stay Fab