The year for saying’ Yes’.



That’s right, I have decided to say ‘Yes’ to everything this year to ensure that I do not pass up any possible exciting opportunities.

48 hours into the New Year and I have said ‘Yes’ to the following


  1. Editing my comedy script.
  2. Accepting cookies on a website. This was particularly difficult as I deliberated for quite some time. Reason being that over the festive season I have developed a taste for mince pies. Having overindulged I was steadfast on New Year’s Eve in giving up sugar.   Hence my reticence at accepting cookies.   They just seem to be everywhere.  Tempting me. Even digitally.
  3. I allowed 5 cars in front of me today. Three acknowledged the gesture. The other two did not. Normally if somebody has the good grace to give way to me in traffic I will either wave (if they can see me) or put on my hazard lights for a couple of seconds. In this instance for those that ignored my gesture I said (to myself) ‘Yes, you are a gobshite’.
  4. I have said yes to taking down the Christmas decorations


And if my previous year’s performance is anything to go by, I know that I will be sorely tempted tomorrow to say ‘Yes’ to giving up the idea of saying ‘Yes’.  I will let you know how I get on.  Or maybe not.  It will depend if I am still in ‘Yes’ mode.

That’s all for now

Stay fab