Trump’s arrest

Please accept my apologies in advance as my objective in my blog is to never offer opinions and make you smile. Every now and then something happens that incenses me so much that I either have to write about it or write a poem about it. The latter is the case today in honour of the momentous occasion of Trump’s arrest. BTW I am aware that the photo is a fake arrest photo. It is merely a wry nod to his fake news claims over the years.


Spunky Trump


The spunky Trump got spanked by stormy

He paid her from his expense account with glee

He hates Mexicans and tried to build a wall

Incited a riot and joyfully watched the squall

Stated In Africa there are shit-hole countries

Falsified documents with criminal ease

He is a fake news activist

Now he’s indicted and oh so pissed

He is anathema to climate change

Didn’t honour veterans because of the rain

He loves the Russians and insulting women

After this, the Kremlin won’t even have him

He sacked all his staff and attacked racial injustice protests

He ran a mafia, not a government and now we will see justice.


Adele Leahy