World Turtle Day

I am turtelly in love with Turtles and thrilled to shellebrate ‘World Turtle Day’. One of my fondest memories was a scuba dive in Oman where a turtle accompanied me on my dive for what seemed like ten minutes. The two of us were merrily swimming around the reef with not a care in the world. My buddy diver was behind me but this turtle appeared to want to be our very chilled marine guide.

A turtle is a reptile and according to Hinduism the God of turtles is ‘Kurma’ which I believe to very apt as they have the best ‘karma’ of any reptile that I know. To be honest I don’t really know any reptiles but ‘Kurma’ is such a lovely name for their God.

I think if I was to be re incarnated, I would have to be greedy and ask that I embody the following

  1. A Sloth- For when the need to chill is supreme
  2. A Turtle- When I need a little bit of exercise.
  3. A dolphin- for when I want to go nuts in the sea.

Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism all celebrate reincarnation. Maybe I will have to become a Buddhist, a Sikh and a Hindu to achieve my triple reincarnation goal?

I am off to delve into some hard-core theology.

Wish me luck.

All the best

Stay Fab