Writer of the Lost Arc

Today I have nothing. Nothing to write, no news, no witty story arc (not that I don’t think I ever had…… you can be the judge of my previous blogs). Hence the rapping paper gag, and The Rock. Taking down the Christmas decorations which I finished at midnight last night was the highlight of my day.

Whilst walking Buzz and Finn in the snow this morning I was quite smug as I surveyed the amount of people who still had their decorations joyfully twinkling. I was mentally behaving like the Christmas decoration police.    I can understand why many still have their deccies up.  Putting mine up early seemed prudent at the time. Perhaps most people want to keep the festive mood buoyant to combat the Covid mood.

Most years mine are up quite late hence my smugness today. I thought about going for a sea swim today and then thought about the not so inclement weather. Maybe tomorrow?

I stashed away Finn and Buzz’s Christmas wear as well as their silly mustard knitted hats. You can tell that Buzz is just loving his, NOT.







As Matt Lucas (from Little Britain) would say, he was ‘Givin me the evils. Anyhoo, all is well. With any luck it will not be polar Baltic tomorrow as there are only so many thermals I can wear without resembling ‘Hagrid’ from Harry Potter.

That’s all for now

Stay fab