Alan Partridge Aha





As I was performing a google search today, I was reminded of the comedy of Alan Partridge. The character was created in 1991 for BBC Radio 4 by Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci.

The show was a broadcasting spoof of English current affairs. Later, in 1992 Coogan and Iannucci hosted a spoof chat show spin off for Radio 4 ‘Knowing me, knowing you with Alan Partridge’. This beauty contest is particularly chuckle worthy.


Here is a selection of my favorite possible Alan Partridge TV programme ideas

  1. Hosteling with Chris Eubank
  2. Arm wrestling with Chas and Dave
  3. Changing lady shapes
  4. Cooking in prison
  5. A partridge amongst the pigeons
  6. Monkey tennis

I would like to posit the following Television series ideas for your reviews and comments

1.   Inspector dog poop – A park warden doubles up as a dog poop sleuth tracking down the dogs and their owners that failed to pick up their dog’s poop.


2.  Chewing the cud and milking with cows – Watching cows eat grass and then enjoy a documentary examining the complexities of the milking industry.

3.  Not being serious with Siri – Chatting with SIRI whilst saying inappropriate things including espionage type parlance. Just to mess with its algorithms.

4.  Celebrities go shopping – Following celebrities whilst they go shopping to see what they buy.  Then asking them to shop in ALDI for a month to see their reaction.


Let me know what you think?

That’s all for now

Stay fab