Group names- Adele style







Following on from yesterday’s animal group names I would like to offer the following for your review and comments please.

Whilst walking Buzz and Finn we frequently happen upon several other dogs.   This always brings a smile to my face.    To see their their collective tails wagging.    The official collective noun is – a pack of dogs.     My personal choice would be –

Group of dogs- A Wag of Dogs

Here are some other suggestions.

Gathering of cats – A Meow of Cats (the three official collective nouns are – a clutter, a glaring, and a pounce)

Gathering of bees- A Buzz of Bees (the official collective noun is – A bike.    Who knew? )

Gathering of Drag Queens – A Bliss (As they are all following their bliss)

Gathering of skunks-    A pong.    Self-explanatory really.     However the official collective noun is –A stench- which is rather good.

Ducks-    A quack.    Although the official one- a paddle – is rather apt.

Group of Giraffes-    A Neck-     The official one is – A Tower

Group of zebras-     A stripe- The official one is ‘A zeal’, which I love.

And finally

A group of writers-   A scribe of writers?    A chapter of writers?    An imagination of writers. ?   A google search revealed the official noun is ‘A worship of writers’……..Not sure about this one.

Let me know what you think.


That’s all for now


Stay fab



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