Best Lines


I love these lines from Friends.    Perhaps because they are so cleverly written and as such are so quintessentially ‘Chandler’. They say the best character writing in a book, film or TV script should allow the reader to remove the name so that the words in and of themselves would clearly indicate who is speaking. It’s the same for any of the characters in ‘Will & Grace’, the dialogue will always be distinctive for each person.

The best chat up line that I ever-embarrassingly- tried to deliver was ‘Is this seat taken?’ In my defense we were a Hen Party on the rampage in Barcelona and a ‘chat up lines’ deck of cards was offered up for everyone to pick a card.     It was, of course, a drinking game and if you failed to deliver your line upon some poor unsuspecting suitor you would need to take a shot as a forfeit.

My guy was a gorgeous Spaniard who asked me to dance and as we were dancing, I surreptitiously placed my hand on his bum and delivered my line. I will never forget the shocked look on his face. His expression resembled that of a person who had been assaulted. It was very embar-ass-ing. Geddit…Sorry.

This nowadays would pretty much be the case. He ran away. Very.  Fast. My chat up lines ended there and then. Forever.

That’s all for now

Stay fab