Dodgy singalong

Following a zoom training program today a suggestion was made for all of the attendees to submit their favorite song to share during the break. This was to help us get to know each other better and it certainly helped as we got to experience a lovely variety of music that as individuals we may normally not have been exposed to.  There was everything from opera to folk to show tunes to Pharrell and being ‘Happy’.

Later I began to think what it would be like to get together with some friends and sing some of our favorite songs. Like Karaoke without the bar and back round music. Maybe under a tree in Newbridge or Malahide castle?

I know in the past that this was called choir but as we are somewhat limited during lockdown, I envisioned a small group sitting in camping chairs and having a singalong.

Then I remembered that I think I sing like Sinead ‘O Connor when in fact it probably sounds more like Phoebe from Friends. I realized that perhaps most of us would have woeful voices but that maybe this would be part of the fun.

If we were truly woeful maybe people could pay us to shut up and we could donate the money to a local charity? Any ideas?

That’s all for now

Stay fab