Best of Blogs Quarter One 2023

Here are my favourite blogs from the first quarter of 2023

  1. – A poem about dog bands. E.g. Furreigner, Muttley Crew and the Velvet Undergrowl, to name but a few. Ruff, Ruff.
  2. When therapists get it wrong. Well, they are human, too, and we all make mistakes.
  3. – Paws and effect. Doggy yoga. Guess where the downward dog comes from. Hint: it’s not a cat.
  4. Any excuse to be silly. The man in the petrol station did not appreciate being asked if he could sell me two squirrels. He told me that only two badgers, a shrew, and a robin, were left for sale.
  5. Who knew that camels get Botox? And cows get fillers into their udders to help suckle. Oh, and some horses have had buttock implants to make them go faster, but it is illegal. Finally, certain breeds of sheep have been injected with hyaluronic acid to make their wool softer than Cashmere and Angora.

I jest in number 5. But you already knew that. Which of the sentences is true? But when you think of it. Who knew that massaging cows would result in Wagyu beef being the best beef on the planet? Maybe they could do with a bit of counselling, too?

All the best

Stay fab