Dog Massages

The attention that this cat gives to the dog whilst he is massaging is unbelievable.  I almost feel that the cat has mystic powers.  Maybe it is called Mystic Pussy?   I was called that once. In my heyday.     However these days I am a lot less mystic and a tad more simplistic.

The technique that the cat employs is exemplary.  The dog is completely under it’s spell.  I wonder how and when the cat realized that the dog would love a head massage? Perhaps it had studied the owners rubbing the dog behind it’s ears and thought to itself ‘ I can do that’. And thus ensure that he has the dog completely under it’s control.  I always knew that cats are clever but this appears to take it to a whole new level.

The cat appears to be whispering in the dog’s ear.    Perhaps it is saying

‘ Listen to me.  You shall obey every command I give you following this massage.    You will open the fridge .  I have tied a scarf to the door.    You shall remove the smoked salmon on the 3rd shelf.    You will then give it to me .     You will NOT under any circumstances eat it yourself.     Or I will scratch your balls with my claws.     You know what it feels like.    I have done it before. Do you understand ?’

Poor doggie he hasn’t a hope of ever re  asserting his will.


That’s all for now

Stay fab