Dog Reiki Part 2

Buzz had hurt his leg 8 months previous and I had to carry him home.  I am still not sure what happened but he was limping very badly.  He is only 8kgs and was still quite heavy to carry all the way home.

Once we were home, I decided to perform Reiki on his leg as I had heard that it can be just as effective in animals as in humans.  I went into YouTube and brushed up on my Animal Reiki skills. And hey presto it worked.

I was thrilled as a visit to the vet was not something I wanted. Although I am very lucky to have the most amazing vets nearby – ‘O Scanaill Vets’.

‘Ace’ was this lovely dog’s name. We both knew that carrying home was not an option.  I asked her if I could perform some Reiki on him and the owner agreed.  I embraced the dog and kept rubbing his leg and whispering  healing affirmations in his ear  He got so excited and almost head butted me three times as his head was almost the size of mine.

And guess what? It worked. He was able to walk home.   The lady and myself exchanged numbers as I wanted to keep checking up on him over the next few days. And I am glad to say that he is perfect. Ace is Ace. I have also made a new friend as she was very kind and understanding about the whole event.

That’s all for now

Stay fab