Eau de Buzz


Buzz let one rip in the car today. It was an SBD- silent but deadly. I thought that I was going to sustain chemical burns to my lungs. The car windows were all swiftly opened to allow the gale force Baltic winds to clear the car of the putrid fumes. Buzz looked as though butter wouldn’t melt. Not even a nod towards any degree of embarrassment.

Finn went to the back seat to hide under the blanket. I began to wonder about what I was feeding him and realized that it was nothing different from the usual. I wanted to react in a similar fashion to the cat in this video.

It reminded me of a time when I worked in Dubai and a few of us were taking a taxi with a lovely Indian driver. The only problem being that the lovely Indian driver had a rather severe BO problem that made all of our eye’s water collectively.

One of the girls took a notion to remove her travel size Chanel bottle of perfume from her handbag and spray the back of the man’s neck. We all watched in disbelief and started to giggle.

She reminded us of the fabulously eccentric character ‘Edina’ from ‘Absolutely fabulous’.   I apologized to the driver as he was unsure as to what was going on. I explained that she sprayed it in the air to see if it was working properly.    Our friend was stuck with the nickname ‘Edina’ for quite some time thereafter.


That’s all for now

Stay fab