Smell the fart acting

Here is one of my favorite clips. ‘Joey ‘from Friends and his ‘smell the fart acting’.

I knew that acting was no walk in the park but where there was once method acting, now there is eyebrow acting, mouth acting and smell the fart acting.  I wonder if Daniel Day Lewis has ever employed these alternative acting techniques?  He is one of my all-time favorite actors- besides Anthony Hopkins.  Whilst writing this I wondered if there were any outtakes of his acting?  And look what I found.

A rare moment of Daniel breaking character. I remember hearing many years ago that someone met Daniel Day Lewis in Belfast Airport whilst he was filming ‘In the Name of the Father’.  Apparently, he was still in character and was conversing with the ground staff in a perfect northern Irish accent whilst checking in.

Besides his exemplary acting one of my favorite Daniel Day Lewis moments was when he accepted his Oscar for ‘My Left Foot’. He said – to the Academy- ‘that you have just provided me with the makings of one helluva weekend in Dublin’.

The look of excitement and admiration of all his peers in the audience warms my heart.  I believe that he works as a cobbler now somewhere in Italy.  What a man.

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