Father Ted The Joy of Cursing

This cartoon is from my favorite lewd, ribald and coarse magazine ‘Viz’- crap jokes section.

This has to be Mrs. Doyle in Father Ted at her very very finest.

The Joy of Cursing. Yes, I said it.  I love cursing. Unfortunately, it is a hobby that I am unable to allow myself to indulge in as frequently as I would like.  Somebody once told me that there are holidays specifically tailored to weaning you onto hard drugs- in a safe environment- of course. I suppose it makes sense. If you are going to take them why not do it in a safe environment under guided supervision.

It must be a very different classroom to what I was brought up in. The teacher may ask

‘How are you? Are you off your tits yet? ‘

‘Oh yes Miss. Completely and utterly tittless’.

Whilst this is not my cup of tea or gram of coke.   I have been wondering if such a holiday could exist for people like me who wish to spend 7 days dropping the ‘f’ and ‘c’ bombs to our hearts content. Or dare I say cuntent……

Imagine the check in

‘What the f*ck do you want?’

‘I want to f*ck*n check in’

Well, you are some c**t for asking me that.   But here’s your f**kin key’.

‘How do I get to my f*ck*n room?’

‘Just f*ck off you stupid c**t’.

My idea of bliss.  No social niceties.  No manners.  Just sheer bliss and freedom to be coarse and belligerent.

That’s all for now

Stay fab