Dog Poo spotting

I adore my two dogs ‘Buzz and Finn’. I mention them often enough throughout my blog.  They are my spirit animals. They are all the spirit I need as I gave up alcohol 19 months ago and am feeling all the better for it.

Buzz is four years old now and in the early days I realized that my love for him was possibly reaching a tipping point. I noticed his inimitable penchant for sniffing poo and found myself poo spotting for him. Too much?  Yes, I know.

However, when I got Finn 2 years ago, he had somewhat upped the poo sniffing game to eating it. And rolling in it. A blissful day for him would be rolling in poo after ingesting some of it. It is gross.   All the same I do find myself on occasion going back to the poo spotting.

‘My eyeshite’ is the phrase I use for this practice. I am aware that it is a dreadful affliction. One of my lovely neighbors yesterday confessed to picking up other people’s dog poo.

He has a gorgeous dog and two beautiful children.  As he uses the green areas where we live a lot, he wants to keep them clean for his kids. His neighborly commitment to keeping our areas poo free is rather impressive.

I pick up litter that has been left around. Maybe I need to do a bit more?    Maybe not. For now, I think I just need to wean myself off the poo spotting.

That’s all for now

Stay fab