Graham Norton Miriam Margolyes Part 2


As promised, please find the second wonderful video clip of Miriam Margolyes on Graham Norton being …. well……very ‘Miriam’.   Unapologetically herself.   Not intentionally trying to shock viewers but doing so all the same with a lovely twinkle in her eye.   You know she is outrageous when Graham is nearly falling off his seat laughing. He has seen and heard it all. I have seen his earlier shows and you can see that he is practically unshockable.

I do believe that she deserves to be honored for her services to the forces. There are not enough people willing to offer the relief that is often required by servicemen and servicewomen to allow them to overcome some of their post-traumatic stress.  It is a serious problem and one that needs addressing. But perhaps masturbation assistance is taking it a tad too far. As a former nurse we did a lot for patients but we draw the line at this.

I shall continue the final part of the trilogy tomorrow with the funniest of all her appearances on Graham Norton.   I can only imagine that Graham may now seek to warn future guests when Miriam is on as her story telling is possibly not to everyone’s taste.   I cannot wait to see her when she next appears as it begs the question ‘How can she top the stories that she has already told?’

That’s all for now

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