Guilty Doggies

This gorgeous Labrador is hilariously guilty and reminds me somewhat of Buzz and Finn when they are up to their antics. Buzz has always been a bit anxious and barks at people when they pass by my apartment.

I am not sure if he has taken a dislike to the color of their socks, trainers or just their general attire. He is definitely nowhere near as bad as he used to be. I put it down to when my father died as I had to leave him with someone for the weekend whilst I attended the funeral. I had him for 6 weeks when this happened and I can only imagine that it may have contributed somewhat to his anxiety.

He has taught Finn his tricks. Great training on my part, I know. I am really proud of myself, NOT.  Now when someone passes by and Buzz has not clocked it, Finn is his look out.

I then begin my admonishment which results in them curling up on the sofa, wrapped around each other and gazing at me with their ‘we are far too cute for you to be mad at us for any considerable length of time’ eyes.

Which actually does of course transpire as I seem to be incapable of maintaining any sort of strident discipline where they are concerned. I will work on a better ‘game face’ for tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

That’s all for now

Stay fab