The best of Absolutely Fabulous

Carrying on from the ‘Ab Fab’ theme of a few days ago I had to remind myself of its brilliance on YouTube.  I cannot believe that this series is 27 years old and I still find it hilarious.

Patsy played by Joanna Lumley was 46 years of age when she took the role.   Edina played by Jennifer Saunders was 35 years old. They were both amazing in it and looked fab.  Maybe hence the name?

The expression ‘Bottle of Bolly’, aka ‘Bollinger, was a well-worn phrase at the time. As was dressing up as Edina and Patsy for fancy dress parties complete with white powder all over one’s nose and top lip to emulate Patsy’s propensity for coke.

One of my favorite fancy dress costumes that I can recall was a duo I witnessed when I was working in the Gaeltacht in the 1980’s. The two girls went dressed as ‘the night before’ and ‘the morning after’.

Obviously, the girl dressed as the night before was resplendent in perfect make up and an immaculately sexy attire. In contrast ‘the morning after’ girl had mascara down to her neck, laddered tights, hair that looked like she had been dragged through a bush backwards and brandishing a large glass of soluble aspirin for a woeful hangover.

Needless to say, they won the prize for the ‘best fancy dress’ end of season party.  They had great fun recreating the ‘morning after’ look for the rest of the night.

That’s all for now

Stay fab