Hi I am Buzz


Hi, I’m Buzz. A rather likeable Morkie pooch. Apparently, it’s an unfortunate name, linked to some kind of female battery-operated thing.  I do all the regular cute pooch things but I am also an Olympic standard chewer. Give me anything chewable and I can magnificently whittle it down to microscopic proportions.

I have a few alter egos. Meerkat-as I can stand on my back legs for almost 2 minutes (depending on whether or not a worthy treat is being offered).    Kangaroo, I am called ‘Skippy’ on occasion as I have a tendency to bound through the park when my excitement levels reach maximum and finally, a parrot, as I rest on anyone’s shoulder if they will allow me.

My core skills are being cute, barking my head off, running, jumping, chewing and being a part time medical canine practitioner, aka Dr. Buzz. My assessments are conducted by using my extra sensory sniffing and licking technique. I have been known to cure cuts just by licking them better on more than a few occasions.

I used to have a girlfriend called Olive who lived above me in another apartment. Apparently, she was a ‘Cougar’.  She was fourteen whereas I was only a year and a half.  She was a ‘Westie ‘and a proper ole adorable grump. In the beginning she growled every time she saw me but as I like to see myself as a ‘love machine’ she came round to my exuberant ways. She died last year.    And I miss her. She was the love of my life.


That’s all for now

Stay fab