Six impossible things before breakfast revisited

Six impossible things before breakfast revisited

Following the completion of daily blogging for a year I felt the need to revisit one of my favorite blogs. I look at my Alice in Wonderland ‘Six Impossible things before breakfast’ fridge magnet every morning upon wakening and it makes me smile.

In completing all my blogs yesterday-I was 3 weeks behind-I actually did something that I had almost believed was impossible. But back to this morning. Here are my six impossible things before breakfast.

1.Be grateful for all the blessings in my life and spellcheck the word possibel –Possible

2.. Get Buzz to stop growling at passers-by because he maybe doesn’t like the cut of their jib-Possible as I have a new ultrasonic gizmo called ‘Pet Gentle’.

3.Write my blog- on the day, not three weeks behind- Possible.

4.Look in the mirror and ignore my self-critic- Possible.

5.Resist having two gorgeous coconut protein balls made by my friend- Possible. – I had three.

6.Have my prayers answered that a very dear friend facing breast cancer treatment has received news that it has not spread- Possible

As that great Cork man Mr. Ford once said- ‘Whether I think I can or cannot. Either way I am right’.  Some days I work this philosophy and others not so well. But I have learnt that progress and not perfection are what work for me. And Buzz has just barked in agreement.

All the best

Stay Fab