MRI Muppet Orchestra

I had the joy of an MRI this morning. To anyone who has not had the delight of being subjected to one, the following is the sound it makes.  For close to 35 minutes.

MRI Sound

As I was contained within the very claustrophobic white magnetic tube – MRI, stands for magnetic resonance imaging- I had the pleasure of imagining an entertaining (for me) alternative noise for the dreadful sounds I had to listen to. Please consider my desperate need for distraction during this time prior to reading the following.

As usual, the Muppets came to mind. Whenever I am in prime imagination mode, they often infiltrate my sub conscious. Namely ‘Animal’. – on drums

Animal from the Muppets

Then Fozzy bear on the synthesizer, and Kermit on the Kazoo. No video links for these, my sincerest apologies.

It was a long time to try and imagine away the awful noise.

Incidentally today is my 90th day blogging continuously. Which I am thoroughly enjoying and I hope that you are too.


That’s all for now

Stay fab