One year daily blogging DONE

Yay. I have completed one year of daily blogging.   It was a great exercise and thoroughly enjoyable. From here on I have decided to blog weekly to keep up the discipline of writing as well as the enjoyment that I derive from it.

It has also served as a journal on more than one occasion. I know that I can look back on them over the years and smile as I recall what I was thinking about at that stage in my life or what I was doing.

Buzz and Finn have featured heavily. So much so that I shall write a book where they are featured.  Their antics and shenanigans keep me entertained. I hope that I have entertained you throughout the year. And made you smile.

That was and still is my ultimate objective. Any day without a giggle or a smile is not a great day in my book.  I have loved featuring all of the comedy videos from TikTok and YouTube. They are all my favs. Whenever I need to cheer up, I know that I can go back and look at them. Thank you for reading my blog.

All the best

Stay Fab