Rockstars after they were famous

I blogged last week about Alex James who has re invented himself from being the bass guitarist in Blur to being a renowned cheese maker enthusiast.

From that I began to have a look at many other former rock stars who changed their careers. I must say it has been one of my favorite blog research projects ever.  Obviously (as always) I had to go one further and then re imagine alternate  possible businesses for current bands if they ever felt like diversifying.

Here are the names of band members who have gone on to explore other careers. Followed by joke jobs.


  1. Prof Brian Cox-ex D Ream keyboard
  2. Sultans of Ping-Dr.Niall ‘O Flaherty. Lecturer in political history at Kings College London
  3. Kim Wilde- Gardener
  4. The Supremes- Cindy Birdsong became a nurse
  5. Midnight Oil (one of my favorite bands of yore) Peter Garrett went into politics.
  6. The Doobie Brothers- Jeff Baxter (Skunk) became a missile defense expert.


Imagined jobs for current band members


  1. Smashing Pumpkins-Organic Farmer


  1. REM-Narcolepsy Consultant


  1. Boomtown Rats-Pest control


  1. AC/DC-Electrician


  1. Blur-Optometrist


  1. The Animals-A vet


  1. Big Country-Geography teacher


  1. The Cardigans- Sheep farmer


  1. The Coral-Scuba diving school


  1. Interpol-Private Detective Agency


  1. B52’s-Pilot


  1. Ash-Fireman


  1. Panic at the Disco- Event Management


  1. Midnight Oil- North Sea rig engineer


  1. The Avalanches – Heli Skiing Pilot


  1. The Who-Dementia Care Awareness Campaigner


  1. Pearl Jam- Oyster farmer


  1. Massive Attack-Cardiologist


  1. The Flaming Lips-Aesthetic medicine


  1. Motorhead-Vintage Mechanic


  1. New Order-Teacher


  1. 10,000 Maniacs-Psychologist


  1. The Grateful Dead-Funeral Director


  1. The Velvet Underground-Fashion designer


  1. ELO – The Electric Light Orchestra – Electrician


  1. Thin Lizzy – Dietician


  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Chef


  1. Mamas and Papas-Adoption Agency


  1. T-Rex-  Paleontologist


  1. Emotional Fish – Salmon farming


  1. The Doors-House Security


  1. Talking Heads-PR and Communication Agency


  1. The Cars- VIP Transport


  1. Blondie-Hairdresser


  1. Deep Purple- Online sex toys


All the best

Stay fab