Tired Bitch

I can empathize with the doggie here. Maybe the poor thing has had Covid. Long Covid can be a bummer at times. From intermittent chronic fatigue, to palpitations, joint pains and a nocturnal wheeze.  I have had the lot.

Defiance is my middle name as I refuse to identify with it.   All was good before I got Covid and I will be fine once Long Covid subsides. Wim Hof guided breathing got rid of my wheeze.

Buzz has developed a bit of an attitude of late.   Previously on walks he would go wherever I would bring him however recently he has taken to making a stand-literally.

There have been times when I am heading to the park and he will not move.  Insisting that I bring him towards the direction that he wants to go in.   I can only imagine that it must be super sniffing territory.

There are a lot more cats near where I live recently and weirdly one of them actually likes dogs. He comes over and wants to play whenever he sees us.

Finn doesn’t like them and barks but Buzz wags his tail whenever he sees one. Which must appear quite passive aggressive from the cat’s point of view. Particularly if the cat is a master of psychology…. I digress.

Finn has been quite ill over the last week and I was on 24/7 diarrhea duty. I must add that it is not my favorite type of duty.   However, I decided not to employ a defaeces attitude (sorry, not sorry).   But at least he is on the mend now.

All the best

Stay fab