Silly dog breeds Part 1

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The dog featured is a Puli Dog which bizarrely resembles a giant mop.

I was walking Buzz and Finn today and met a few other dog owners that I had not seen before.  As usual I asked them what their dog breed was.  Whether it was a Cockapoo, a Westypoo or a Bichon Frisse.

These breeds seem to be the most popular where I live.  Everyone is very obliging and loves to chat about their dog and what breed it is. There was only one occasion where a man I spoke to was not interested in discussing whatever mix his dog was.  I think he replied’ Oh, I’m not sure he’s just a dog.

I began to think of the type of dog I wanted before I got my 2 Morkie’s.  I desperately wanted a ‘Jackshit’- Jack Russell mixed with a Shitzu. Just because I wanted to be able to say ‘Jackshit’ to people.

I then began to think of some ridiculous names for mixed breed dogs

  1. Alpatzu-An Alpaca crossed with a Shitzu


  1. Unilab – A Unicorn crossed with a lab


  1. Deerbox- A deer crossed with a boxer


  1. Boxset- A boxer crossed with a Setter (True breed)


  1. BullShit- A Bulldog crossed with a Shitzu (My new fav) (True breed)


  1. CockRot- A Cocker Spaniel crossed with a Rottweiler (True breed)


  1. Puking- A Pug crossed with a King Charles Spaniel (True breed)


  1. Shitzpoo- A Shitzu crossed with a poodle (True breed)


That’s all for now

Stay fab