Silly Tribute Band names Part 2

There are just so many bands and so little time to be silly with their names. If you think of anymore, please let me know.  I am not sure which is my favorite from the list below.   Possibly ‘Lewd Zeppelin’ as with a name like this they have enormous creative license to be bawdy and salacious.

I can only imagine the band members themselves have probably come up with even crazier versions of their band names what with all the downtime that they would have on their tour buses.

I had the pleasure of seeing ZZ Top in Croke Park many years ago. Def Leppard played in the 3Arena a couple of years ago and they were amazing, even after all these years. Just as good as when they hit the big time 30 years ago.   I would give anything to see Fleetwood Mac. Maybe someday.


  1. Eclectic loot Orchestra ( Electric Light Orchestra)



  1. ZZ TIP (ZZ Top)



  1. Rash (Rush)



  1. Fill out Boy (fall out Boy)



  1. Phooey Fighters (Foo Fighters)



  1. Duff Leopard (Deff Leppard)



  1. Blinkin Park ( Linkin Park )



  1. Fleetwood Muck (Fleetwood Mac)



  1. Zerosmith (Aerosmith)



  1. Plank Food (Pink Floyd)



  1. Lewd Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin)



  1. The Bottles (The Beatles)


That’s all for now

Stay fab