Song 2 Blur – Woohoo

I am not a massive Blur fan but I adore ‘Song 2’.   I saw them in 2015 when they headlined Saturday night at Electric Picnic. They were amazing and I particularly loved that Damon Albarn had been investigating his heritage and had discovered that he was 11% Irish.

He was immensely proud of the fact which garnered a triumphant ‘Ole, Ole, Ole’ from the crowd.  When they sang ‘Song 2’, no one needed an excuse to go mental and much moshing was had.    I never understood the Britpop Oasis and Blur rivalry as I always thought that Blur were far superior.


My favorite part of the song is the beginning when he screams ‘Woo Hoo’.  I was in the car the other day and as it came on the radio I bellowed ‘Woo hoo’, before he sang it. For some reason I just needed to feel rebellious even for a second. Perhaps I need to get out more?

Now there’s a line that was pretty much deleted from the vernacular this year.  Following ‘Woo Hoo’ the song descends into a pure punk symphony.

Later I was in the shops buying my groceries and I saw that they had freshly cooked grilled chicken. I roared ‘Woo Hoo’, just like Damon Albarn.  Nobody was impressed and the guy removing the chickens from the oven nearly dropped them. It’s one rule for Blur and one rule for the rest of us.  I realize now that it is probably best not to sing random words from songs at the top of my voice at inappropriate moments particularly in a supermarket.

BTW I did not bellow ‘Woo Hoo’ in the supermarket. But I was sorely tempted.


That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.