Swimming Yoga and coconut oil

I had a lovely swim over the weekend and our post swim discussion was the merits of yoga and coconut oil.  It got me thinking about the possibility of applying coconut oil to my body post swim- to moisturize my skin and then to do a yoga session on the beach. It made me smile as I could visualize myself slipping and sliding all over the yoga mat and then onto the sand.  To end up being covered in it.

The problem for people that don’t swim is that people like me never shut up about it.   With the slightest ounce of encouragement, I can launch into the benefits of cold-water therapy and swimming in the sea.

It’s like anyone that is passionate about yoga and coconut oil.   For some reason we claim that it cures almost anything that ails you.   It probably doesn’t but what you get is time away from thinking about what it is that ails you.

I am bound to feel better when I get out of the sea. But perhaps the primary reason is that I am not freezing anymore.   It does reset my mind and I definitely do have more energy afterwards.

The social scene and camaraderie where I swim are so nourishing.   My apologies. I seem to have forgotten how annoying it can be for non-swimmers to have to listen to swimmers never mind having to read about it.

All the best

Stay Fab