Tall dark and handsome

This is my kind of evening date.  A tall dark and handsome accomplice to curl up with on the sofa and watch TV.  No arguing over which TV show to watch or who has finished off the pringles.

The drool might become a problem, and the hair shedding, Oh, and the doggy farts but apart from that doggy dates are such an amazing experience.

No one to complain about me wondering whether the plot twists are too complicated.  I went for the short, dark and handsome and just to be greedy the small, blonde and handsome.  Call it a canine menage a trois if you will.

This way I get to cuddle them on my lap as opposed to breaking my knees like the giant gorgeous super dog in the picture.   Buzz and Finn provide all the entertainment I require on a daily basis.

Their playful antics are a joy to behold. The barking. Not so much.  Buzz loves his growling. If somebody walks past my window that Buzz does not like the look of, they get growled at. If they are wearing the wrong color socks. They get growled at. If they are walking their dog they get barked at.

My latest gadget to stop the barking is ‘Pet Gentle’. A sonar gizmo that emits a silent high frequency signal that stops them barking.  Unfortunately, Finn hates it and hides beneath the table whilst Buzz is still figuring out if he can withstand the sound and still get his barking in.

All the best

Stay Fab