The household beaver dam

This little fella is so cute. It just goes to show how strong animal instinct can be. He has to build a dam no matter what. He reminds me of the beaver in The Chronicles of Narnia played by Dawn French.

Beavers like monkeys’ love to groom each other.


Many moons ago when I was working in Saudi Arabia, I can recall a few guys and their party trick was performing brilliant monkey impersonations whilst grooming one another. They mimicked picking fleas of each other.  It was quite comical to witness.

Upon further research I have come to be enlightened regarding other animals’ grooming behaviors. Apparently, deer, cows, horses, voles, mice, meerkats, coati, lions, birds, and bats also form social bonds through grooming one another.

They coati are indigenous to South America, Mexico and the USA and are a member of the racoon family. They are lovely. But I couldn’t eat a whole one. Coati Curry anyone?

Anyhoo I am off to clean my b…er.

All the best

Stay Fab