The Jungle Book

I saw The Jungle Book when I was 7 years old in an open-air cinema in Nigeria.  My father was on contract to Nigerian Airways from Aer Lingus at the time.

We lived there for six months and they are some of my favorite memories of all time.  I will never forget this movie and the experience. I was transfixed.

My obsession with Disney and animation began there and then. From Mogli and Balou, Kaa and Bagheera to Shere Khan it was mesmerizing.

I drove my mother wild asking her to bring me again and singing ‘I’m the King of the Swingers’ and ‘The bare necessities’ around the house for months. I also took to ripping up a sheet- much to my mother’s discontent- and wearing a piece of it around the house as a loin cloth.

This brings me to my book ‘Tara Tree’ a romantic comedy fiction and part of a trilogy.   I have finally finished the first draft.  I employed the Jungle Book Motto – If anyone can I Shere Khan ‘. And I did.

The not so joyous art of editing is now in process. Once the editing finishes, I will begin the Prequel. Why? Because if anyone, can I Shere Khan.

That’s all for now

Stay fab