World Naked Gardening Day

Yay. World Naked Gardening Day. I thought it would never arrive. However, I did get into a spot of bother unfortunately. I was starkers on my patio and as I live in a ground floor apartment with many passers-by my birthday suit was not well received. My decision to nip in the bud by putting some clothes on turned out to be a good one.


WPA- Woeful pun alert.    Spot the number of puns and post the answer to me.

My address is 67 Cross the street,  Titless Avenue,  Arseville 2089KA

The winner gets to feel smug and collect the deeds to The Botanic Gardens as a prize.

My bush has dried up and badly needs tending to. I have asked the community gardener to tend to it but he says that he needs a hoe. Trying to achieve the ‘Zen Garden’ look was difficult and, in the end, I decided go for the’ lady garden’ theme instead.

Trying to find the right tool to complete the job was a trial. Then I recalled that it had not been able to fit in my box and I had placed it elsewhere.

Midway through the afternoon I became peckish and decided upon Nudels (Noodles) for my lunch.  I am off to have a nice cup of nude-it-tea.

How many did you get?


That’s all for now

Stay fab