Unusual Street request

Ribald alert-Not for the faint hearted

I came across this picture the other day and I was reminded of an unusual event that happened whilst I was on holidays with a friend of mine. We were on the island of Ibiza. Staying in the town while enjoying the sunshine, clubbing and everything that went with it. We had booked tickets to see Tinie Tempah in San Antonio at The Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Whilst sauntering down the main street in San Antonio we were charmingly accosted by a young man who was selling drinks from his bar. He was quite the salesman and was trying his best patter with us. We were non-committal as we wanted to see as much of the town as we could before we hit the gig.

He must have done a quick profile assessment to establish that we were quite possibly a couple of decades older than the usual clientele that he would be selling drinks to.    In his beautiful wisdom he decided to offer what he must have considered to be a community service.

He looked us both in the eye and asked us ‘Cock or balls?’ We were both taken back. Our mouths were open in shock and he repeated the question.’ Cock or balls?’ As neither of us replied to his question and obviously time was of the essence to him, he decided to treat us both.

In the middle of the street, he unzipped his fly and dutifully presented his cock and balls for our viewing. We were aghast and could not stop laughing. It was impossible to resist having a drink in his bar. We had to hand it to him for desperation and innovation. I am pretty sure that his contract did not stipulate that he present his nether regions for viewing to entice clientele.

To this day it makes me smile whenever anyone brings up the subject of Ibiza. I am pretty sure this experience will never be repeated. And if I am ever walking down a street full of bars and someone is enticing me into their bar, I will perhaps refrain from sharing this story with them. Or maybe someday I will go back there and open a bar named ‘Cock and Balls’ in his honor.


That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.