Doggie self-service stick

Lately Finn (my lovely little black Morkie) has been going mental for sticks. I know it is not unusual for a dog to get obsessed with them but he has now resorted to self-service. Where previously he had the good grace to wait for me to source one. He now appears to have the ‘Feck ye, you are too slow, I ‘ll get me own’ attitude.

Whilst I am thrilled at his new found independence and resourcefulness. A little part of me still wants to be the one to find him a stick, throw it, and then watch as he fervently and forensically searches for the correct hiding place.

He will often wait for me to arrive at said proposed stick burial site whilst looking at me with a ‘What do you think?’ quizzical gaze. But then again, I may be reading too much into it.

Prior to the burial he will usually commence the whittling down of said stick.    His whittling skills are second to none. He can whittle a branch down to a pencil size in no time.

I found this website article which made my heart soar.    I hope you enjoy it.




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