Which Tom Hardy ?

Now, which one would you choose?  I particularly liked him in Peaky Blinders as the semi villain opposite Cillian Murphy.  He is a Legend and a Warrior.   I predict that he will be the next James Bond.  There, I said it.   My crystal ball has been working overtime of late.   It works best when it is shaken and then the visions are stirred….’Shaken, not stirred’…… Many more predictions to come.

His hell raising past is common knowledge and he openly admits that acting helped to save his life.    He has made this powerful video about his recovery where he is so honest and humble.   Even if you didn’t like him before it is hardy not to when you have seen this.


Apparently, he is a huge dog lover and has been noted to have said that he prefers dogs to humans.  He’s not alone there as I think many people do.  I have decided to give both my dogs second names in his honor.  Buzz shall now be known as Buzz Tom and Finn shall be Finn Hardy. Once I have obtained their consent name tags shall be altered. When I am happy that they have no objections, I will release a statement to the press.

All the best

Stay fab