Doggy Daily Alarm

This video is cute as it reminds me of how Finn wakes me up each morning with his own version of his doggy daily alarm.  He is less enthusiastic as the dogs in this clip but determined all the same.

I get the paw to my ear first followed by a nose-to-nose kiss and ending with a cursory lick on the cheek.  He then adopts his position beneath my arm for maximum belly rubbing effect.  I must say that it is very considerate of him as it requires little or no movement on my part.

Buzz was never as affectionate as Finn but as he is a very jealous little fella, he has upped his game and now insists on belly rubs every morning. Just so that he is not outdone by Finn.

As this is a daily ritual, I now feel conditioned to indulge Buzz and Finn in belly rubs so much so that if I forget to do it, I can convince myself that I may receive bad luck on that day.

All I need now is to meet the man of my dreams who will give me a daily belly rub.  He might be there for a while as there is rather more of it than I would like to rub.  My current plan is to tune, tone and tighten myself up.  But that’s a blog for another day.


All the best

Stay fab