Happy Snow Day

The snow was wicked and deep today.  Just how I like my men…. That may get me into trouble but considering the current banality of my existence (all lovely snow aside) I am willing to take my chances and take a walk on the wild side.

My blogs can often have a hint of crazy in them.  Which is good for me as I find that writing is the ultimate cathartic tool. Even if it does on some occasions cause my reader to raise their eyes in disbelief whilst simultaneously grinning.

Case in point my recent blogs (over the last week) highlighting the band ‘The Doors’, ‘Meteors’ and ‘Godzilla’. This was, as usual, all pure whimsy.  Nothing too serious, just silly notions. Well, and this is where it gets crazy.

Be warned. I am a fan of ‘The Law of Attraction’ and synchronicity which is a fancy word, as you know, for coincidences. I was watching the movie ‘Castaway’ yesterday with Tom Hanks. And no, he was not sitting beside me on the couch. Although I wish he was.

A friend had mentioned that he had presented the concert after the US Inauguration and I felt that I needed a bit more of Tom Hanks. Let’s call it a THM- Tom Hanks Moment.  He is after all one of the greatest actors of all time and whenever he features in a movie, I know that I will be guaranteed to feel better for having watched him.  Anyhoo, in the scene where he manages to eventually light a fire. Guess what…….




He sings The Doors song’ Light my Fire’ and then mentions Meteors. This was enough of a synchronicity for me.  But then I get into my car and guess what is playing …..



‘Godzilla’ by Eminem.

So, I have decided to attract an agent and three book deal by mentioning them in this blog and over the next few days. If I can manifest Tom Hanks singing The Doors song, referencing Meteors and Eminem singing ‘Godzilla ‘.

Surely, I can manifest a superb agent who can offer me my three-book deal. I am also a huge fan of the power of threes. Everything for me seems to happen in three’s, therefore I would be remiss if I did not mention my agent signing me a three-book deal.

That’s all for now

Stay fab