Best of fourth quarter 2021 Part 3 (Part 3 of 3)


  1. Spooky happenings as I go about my business. Too many coincidences require me running around my home with sage to clear the energy.


  1. Whilst working in Saudi in the early 90’s I recall some great memories. We had the life of Reilly Bin Mayhem.

Riyadh Jail Part 1


3.My delusions often take me to imagining myself as a marine Dr.Doolittle befriending seals whilst swimming in Portrane Tower Bay.


  1. My obsession with Miriam Margolyes continues. Unashamedly.


  1. It is difficult for me to see somebody who is as close to an Adonis as is humanly possible be so funny. Chris Hemsworth you are too funny and too gorgeous.


  1. ‘Where does all the fat go?’ Damned if I know. It was cute to have rolls of fat as a baby but apparently not so much nowadays.


  1. Whose Line is it Anyway continues to be one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Anything that requires spontaneous improvisation always inspires me.


  1. This little fella is just cute for words. ‘Your welcome’.


  1. Daniel Craig’s final Bond Movie is superb. But then I am guessing that you already know that. Here are my favorite Bond theme songs.


  1. What if Bond Movies were made in Ireland? What would they be called? Here are a few suggestions for your perusal. Any other suggestions will be greatly received.

Irish Bond Film names


Feck the villains’.

‘It’s grand. We got this’.

‘A ride and a rasher’.

‘Cold minger’ as opposed to Goldfinger.

And finally

‘Deadly Dublin’.


All the best

Stay Fab