Best of 2022 Blogs Part Three Of Three

Over the last year, I have posted many vignettes from my debut Romcom Novel, Tara Tree, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which have received great responses. But I do have to admit that my favourite blog of all time has to be Doggy Rock Bands. It combines my three greatest passions, writing, music, and dogs.

Having my first short story published was definitely a highlight of 2022, and visiting Glasgow for the launch and reciting my piece was also a privilege. Ending the year with some old and original bad jokes was a fitting end to a very enjoyable year of sharing my blogs with you. 2023 is going to be a great one; I can feel it in me water ( as we say here in Ireland, sometimes). It has the number three, which is good enough for me as I have a particular affinity with the number.


1.September 25th Tara Tree excerpt -Carved to imperfecktion –


2. Nov 13th Sloth Dance –


3. November 27th 2022 Doggy Rock Bands –


4. December 3rd Glasgow Thi-Wurd Anthology Launch of Alternating Currents –


5. December 10th 2022 Non-Christmassy jokes and a few of my own –


All the best

Stay fab