Best of Blogs Quarter Two 2023

1. – Johnny Farty Pants and the art of farting.

2. Strewth – Murphy’s Law. Think of a really bad day. Multiply it by thirty-three and a third, divide by twenty-four and a half, and then you may have an idea of how bad my day really was.

3. – The underwear thief, wedgies, low-flying testicles and sex noises. And we won’t even mention sewage, condoms, peeing in the sea or genital warts. Actually, we won’t mention genital warts at all, as they have nothing whatsoever to do with this post.

4. and really cringe mindfulness jokes. Once upon a time, we used to go for walks, maybe have a paddle and daydream.

I recall getting the bus into town and gazing out the window. Wondering about other people at bus stops, looking at people in parks, and wondering about the people inside the houses we were driving past. What they were doing, how they were feeling. I was not mentally glued to a mobile phone. Maybe that is why mindfulness is now embedded into our consciousness. To counteract the perils of mobile phone usage? And now we have renamed it mindfulness. And, of course, the perfect irony is that the word belies the action. In that, we are freeing of mind of being full.




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